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Marketing consultants, web developers and graphic designers specializing in traditional and digital marketing

Seize the day. Share the love.

At Blue Door Consulting, this is the code we live by. It is {literally} our daily mission to make the most of every moment, every project and every client interaction. We want everyone (including each other) to feel cared for in a manner that brings our core values to life: brutal honesty, collaboration, responsibility and idea-producing with a long-term approach.

It’s not that we don’t make mistakes—we do. But seizing the day and sharing the love means we own those mistakes and we make them right. This is what makes us unique. It’s one of the reasons both clients and team members say they work with us.

Team photo

Playing to our strengths

Clients also say we’re “real.” We take that as high praise.

We strive to be true to our individual selves, playing to our strengths when working with clients and each other. When team members join Blue Door Consulting, they take the Clifton StrengthsFinder® assessment to discover their unique strengths. (If you’re unacquainted with StrengthsFinder methodology, it emphasizes what’s right with people. Polling organization Gallup has looked at engagement rates among employees who use their strengths and found team members are 8 times more engaged when leaders and team members use a strengths-based approach. [1] By understanding each team member’s aptitudes, our team can tap into one another’s strengths for team and client projects. (You can check out each person’s strengths below.)

With this approach, everyone wins: Blue Door Consulting team members dig into satisfying projects that showcase their talents. Clients enjoy deliverables created with the zest that comes with doing strengths-based work.

[1] “Strengths Dashboard.” Gallup’s Leadership Research. Gallup, n.d. Web. 03 Jan. 2016.

Heidi Strand

Heidi Strand is Co-owner and Co-founder of Blue Door Consulting, a strategic marketing consulting firm in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

Brenda Haines

Brenda is a Co-owner and Consultant. Her love of brainstorming and strategy is paralleled only by her passion for learning and her desire for results.

Leah Van Rooy

Leah Van Rooy is a Marketing Consultant at Blue Door Consulting specializing in social media and project management.

Tavia Gavinski

Meet Tavia Gavinski, Lead Designer for Blue Door Consulting’s elite team of graphic designers and visual guru of all of our client solutions.

Ann Timms

Meet Ann Timms, Associate Marketing Consultant with Blue Door Consulting. Ann is a marketing guru, content creator and creative copywriter for any industry.

Mark Cyrulik

This is Mark Cyrulik, Blue Door’s expert Full-Stack Developer, programmer and resident fix-it guy.

Krystal Maloney

Krystal Maloney is a Senior Marketing Consultant at Blue Door Consulting specializing in web development and design, marketing and project management.

Melissa Blank

Melissa Blank is a Marketing Consultant at Blue Door Consulting specializing in nonprofit marketing and communication strategies across all industries.

Jessi Mulligan

This is Jessi Mulligan, one of Blue Door Consulting’s Graphic Design super heroes - visual depicter of all of our client solutions.

Erin Ryan

Meet Erin Ryan, Graphic Designer with Blue Door Consulting. Erin’s wheelhouse is visual expression and creativity through colors, images and fonts.

Kelli Karpinski

Kelli Karpinski, Senior Marketing Consultant for Blue Door Consulting, applies her love for and experience in writing to clients’ content marketing needs.

Daniel Shepherd

Meet Daniel Shepherd, UX Strategist for Blue Door Consulting. Daniel loves the good, the bad and the ugly of digital design.

Sara Martin

Sara Martin is a Marketing Consultant with Blue Door Consulting. She is a digital marketing rock star, specializing in SEO, SEM and online analytics.

Jason Toney

If you need fantastic audio, photography, videography or visually rocking storytelling, you need Blue Door Consulting’s Multimedia Consultant, Jason Toney.

Dan Mcelroy

Introducing Dan McElroy, Blue Door Consulting’s Accounting Manager and (non) resident logistics and finance guy. Dan makes numbers fun for clients and coworkers.

Kayla Johnson

Meet Kayla Johnson, Blue Door Consulting Web Developer extraordinaire with an eye for design and an ear and brain for language.

Alyssa Riegert

Alyssa Riegert is part of the graphic design team at Blue Door Consulting, bringing client solutions to life with a creative mix of science and art.

Kathy Bermingham

This is Kathy Bermingham, Blue Door Consulting’s culture consultant—queen of ways to seize the day, share the love and help clients welcome what’s next.

Ben McDowell

Ben McDowell is a Web Developer for Blue Door Consulting with a variety of software and platform experience, specializing in great code and bad jokes.

Megan Olson

Megan Olson is a Senior Marketing Consultant at Blue Door Consulting, focusing on creative content and successful strategies for online or traditional media.

Amanda Walters

A graphic designer with Blue Door Consulting, Amanda Walters has an eye for color and ability to pair artistry and technology to create amazing client designs.

Molly Thompson

Introducing Molly Thompson, Associate Marketing Consultant at Blue Door Consulting with expertise in social media, digital marketing and project management.

Jessica Davis

Associate Marketing Consultant Jessica Davis is Blue Door Consulting's breaker of things, testing websites and proofreading, plus digital and social marketing.

Brian Mayer

Brian Mayer is Blue Door Consulting's Senior Web Project Manager, a well-rounded marketer and technology guru with background in ecommerce and web development.

Gretel Achterberg

As Blue Door Consulting’s Technical Support Consultant, Gretel Achterberg keeps websites, servers and systems running – managing hosting, migrations, updates and more.

Josh Patterson

Josh Patterson is a copywriter for Blue Door Consulting. He specializes in taking the same 26 letters, handful of punctuation, and 170,000-odd words in the English language and coming up with new ways to combine them on a daily basis.

Lucie Martin

Lucie Martin is a Blue Door Consulting Business Development/Marketing consultant, specializing in inbound marketing. Building relationships is her strong suit.

Sarah Zimmerman

Sarah Zimmerman, Blue Door Consulting marketing consultant, specializes in communication strategies and storytelling to help clients grow their brands.

Jenny Haas

Jenny Haas, an Associate Marketing Consultant at Blue Door Consulting, has a super-power for storytelling and getting things done.