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Erin Ryan

Senior Graphic Designer

Erin Ryan Portrait

Achiever, Learner, Adaptability, Responsibility, Intellection

I’m that quiet, creative girl with curly hair. I love clever designs that make you stop, think in new ways and wish you thought of the idea first! As an introvert who prefers to provide support behind the scenes, it’s a great feeling when others are able to understand my thoughts and ideas expressed visually through colors, images and fonts. Since one size doesn’t fit all, I also really enjoy the challenge of creating just the right design solution for every project. I have experience in developing cohesively branded marketing campaigns, advertising and catalog design. I am eager to continue to expand my knowledge of design in digital and print mediums.

When I’m not designing, you’re most likely to find me in the woods with my dog, taking photos, reading or attempting as many DIY pinterest projects as possible! These inventive endeavors range from remodeling to desserts to crafting. In every day and through it all, I’m always trying to find the humor in the world around me.


Get in Touch with Erin

“Creativity Is Intelligence Having Fun” — Albert Einstein
Most Famous Person I’m Related To

Ethan Allen

What I Wanted To Be When I Grew Up

Marine Biologist

Bucket List Item

Visit all the national parks

Favorite School Subject

Art Class or Reading

Favorite Holiday


Occupation In Another Life

Landscape Designer

Favorite Design Elements

Rule of odds and rule of thirds

Favorite Board Or Video Game

Apples to Apples or Peggle