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Data Mining and Analysis

Our data analysis team helps you sort through the clutter

Love-hate relationships have a new poster child: Data.

Data is opportunity. It gives insight into how your business is performing. It pulls back the curtain on your customer’s activities, likes and dislikes. It tells you whether your last marketing campaign accomplished what it was supposed to do and can even provide insights into your company’s future. That’s the love.

Data is also overwhelming. Eighty percent of CEOs say that data mining and data analysis are strategically important to their business. And, nearly all of these leaders are attempting to use the data they have, yet 20 percent of them admit they aren’t doing it well. [1] That’s the other half of the relationship. Can you relate?

Why does data hold such promise yet cause such consternation?

  • It’s sometimes difficult to know whether you have the right data or the right amount of data.
  • Your data may be scattered across your organization, waiting to be brought together and analyzed.
  • You may lack in-house time or expertise to focus on data mining and data analysis, keeping data-driven decisions out of reach.

Data you need and can easily access

Our data analysis process done your way

Our team of business analysts lessen the complexity, doing the heavy lifting for you. We take a step-by-step approach to delivering your results:

We ask questions

First we ask questions. And, then we ask more questions. Through these questions, we uncover the goal of your data research. Then, the ‘a-ha!’ moment arrives as we collaborate to identify the ultimate question your data will answer.

We identify data sources

You may already have a wealth of internal data. If we find relevant data outside your organization, we’ll capture that, and if we still don’t have the data needed, we’ll conduct market research.

We identify benchmarks

Benchmarks put your data into context, helping you see your organization’s performance relative to your goals or to others.

We conduct data analysis

Coming into the home stretch is the fun part—we conduct data analysis to identify trends and correlations.

Painting a picture with data analysis

Understanding how user behaviors correlate with other behaviors and your products and services is only a start. Often, those insights are more widely shared and easily understood when they are presented visually. Like an artist who chooses a color palette to paint the vision that is in her mind, we paint a cohesive picture of your business.

Our database developers can build interactive tools to help you share the findings of your data analysis. Or, our graphic design team can develop interactive and static infographics to help you visualize the research results.

  • We build data visualization reports to present our findings in a way that is quick and easy to comprehend.
  • We develop dashboards capable of being updated with new data, based on the key performance indicators that matter most to you. These dashboards track data over the course of time, providing you the answers you seek.
  • We build Web applications that serve as a data collection tool, their construction based on data sets you need for reporting and decision making.
Market research questions
Get our business analysts working for you

Get our business analysts working for you

Whether we are working with an Internet retailer to analyze user’s digital behaviors or collaborating with one of the world’s largest companies on quantitative face-to-face interviews and survey questionnaires, our business analysts bring a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Our latest work showcases our expanse of data mining and data analysis abilities:

  • An e-commerce company now knows where the greatest potential lies for a new business line due to our research that involved keyword and competitive analysis and social media mining.
  • An educational organization has identified its brand as seen through the eyes of its audience, with potential service opportunities, through phone interviews and email surveys of differing audience segments.
  • A global brand, wanting to capture data on its customers and prospects, received quantitative results from face-to-face interviews, surveys, and mobile app gamification and contests with calls-for-entry.

Whether you’re having a love—or hate—relationship with data, we can help!

We will walk through the process with you, step by step. Contact us today to get started making your data work for you.