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Digital Strategy

Digital Strategy

Get digitally fit with an online marketing plan

Few people actually enjoy getting in shape! But, everyone knows it’s the healthy choice. Once svelte, it’s easier to maintain that shape.

Developing a digital strategy requires the same discipline and attention. And, like making a New Year’s resolution reality, developing, implementing and adjusting a kick-@$$ digital strategy won’t happen overnight. Data analysis, measurement and maintenance requires commitment. But as Jane Fonda, that pre-digital viral force, reminds us – “no pain, no gain.” (Besides, what’s a little sweat when greater ROI is at stake?)

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Digital marketing as a discipline

Your customers are more knowledgeable than ever. They surf the web—more often on mobile devices than on desktop computers—to check out products and services, read reviews and gain as much information as possible before even paying you a visit. If they can’t find you online, or are more impressed by your competitor’s digital footprint, they likely won’t even give you a chance. (This is especially true if your website takes longer than a second to load.)

Customers and prospects expect to find you easily

They expect immediate responses. They expect your engagement with them to be easy and convenient. If you aren’t delivering those experiences, it might be because:

  • You have a great team, but neither you nor they have enough knowledge about digital marketing. You have customers who love dealing with you face-to-face, but you know you could improve sales with a better online experience.
  • Your competition has a strong digital footprint with its website and social media presence. You know you are losing market share because of it, but you need a strategy to fight back.
  • You are looking to expand—with a business, product or service or into a new market—but need help getting there quickly, efficiently and digitally.

Your customers are disciplined in their digital use. That means you need to be, too. Need a little more proof? Keep reading!

Integrated online marketing

If you’re like 87% of businesses, you know digital will disrupt your industry. And if you’re like 44% of businesses, you won’t be prepared.[1] (It’s okay. We understand.) What would it be like to for your organization to have a fully integrated digital marketing strategy?

Here are ways we can help:


We compare where you are in the digital space against your competitors, as well as your team’s online marketing skill sets to make recommendations that will digitally “pump you up!”

develop strategy

Whether you are a digital strategy newbie or a strategist extraordinaire, we can help create or strengthen an existing plan that fits your objectives.

team coaching

Maybe your team is having difficulty carrying out your digital strategy. We can coach your team or provide training to improve your organization’s digital presence and knowledge level.

Change management

From some corners, digital may be seen as expensive play, not a proven method for delivering ROI. We can help generate buy-in from organization or department leaders who may be resistant to change and educate them on the benefits and ROI. Or, if you find you simply can’t do it alone, we will help you carry out all or part of your digital initiatives.

Seize the day. Share the Love.

Digital marketing to get you to the front of the finish line

Have we helped others succeed in effective and worthwhile digital marketing strategy and implementation? You bet! We aren’t going to lie … it is a workout. But, a thoughtful and data-driven digital strategy and online plan means a healthier organization and bottom line. Contact us today to get started!

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