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Team Skills

Team Skills

Marketing consultants specializing in branding and design, content marketing, website design, digital marketing and design thinking

Our diverse team blends the skills of a marketing firm, advertising agency, SEO company, PR firm, web design company and creative agency to become the marketing consultants you need.

As a team, we invest in continuously improving ourselves and our skill sets. Each team member monitors industry developments, sharing them with the rest of the team using a train-the-trainer model. The investment we make in professional development equips us with the marketing insights, experience and industry expertise that we bring to each project.

A consultant’s approach for every project

When we start a project, you can expect our team to think critically about the task at hand. That’s why we want to understand your goals. Whether we’re bringing our graphic design, copywriting, web development or marketing skills to a project, we’ll bring a marketing consultant’s point of view—asking questions and working with you to find the best option to meet your needs.

Among the skills we employ:

Branding and design

A strong brand and design sets an organization apart from its competitors. Through name, logo, marketing material, customer experience and more, an exceptional brand will evoke thoughts, feelings and emotions its customers connect with.

content marketing

Content marketing is about sharing—sharing your expertise through valuable content for clients and prospects. Share your knowledge, grow your brand.

design thinking

Where others see problems, we see opportunity. Legions of loyal customers, donors and volunteers await companies willing to listen, problem-solve and innovate. Design thinking provides the methodology for unraveling masked customer frustrations and developing actionable solutions, turning customer frazzle into joy.

Website development and digital marketing

Tackling a new web design or a digital marketing strategy is complex. Technology has made your customers knowledgeable and powerful, with the ability to influence your brand and your sales. Keeping up is challenging. That’s why we make it simple.


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