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Database Design

Database Design

Data you need and can easily access

The digital universe in the United States – the digital bits created, replicated and consumed each year – doubles every year. That means we now have more bytes than stars in the observable universe. [1]

Generated through wearables (like your Fitbit®), mobile applications, website analytics, survey collection, employee applications, social media posts, photos, videos and more…the information is vast and it’s why the term “Big Data” keeps being thrown around. Simply put: There’s a LOT of data. It’s really, really big. And, it’s complicated to harness, organize and analyze.

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Your company wants to make better decisions

As a company, Big Data may not be relevant to you, but the trend and growth of data collection, storage and analysis is. The data companies most commonly collect is contact information (61%), customer name (52%), customer location (39%), physical address of customer (36%) and payment details (31%). [2] More data equals more information; more information equals better understanding; better understanding equals better decision-making.

Database development: The key to understanding your customer

Think of databases as keys to unlocking improved operations, minimizing manual processes, storing similar or corresponding information, streamlining data collection and faster information output.

Consider these scenarios:

  • You feel as though you are missing out on information about your customers. You’d like to capture and easily analyze data that improves their customer experience.
  • You have lots of data, but it’s located here, there and everywhere. You need system continuity and integration—the ability to store your data cohesively and allow your systems to “talk” with one another.
  • You have people internally, externally or both, who need access to your data quickly and frequently.
  • You have the data in databases, but accessing the data is cumbersome and slow. You need to optimize your databases to improve speed and response times.
  • You want to conduct online sales, or maybe your online sales need a boost. Your database needs to collect and output the right data bits that will provide insight on how you can increase sales.

We take the complexity out of database development

Whether you are starting from scratch or need to tweak a current database, we have the in-house talent to provide you one or multiple solutions.

We never start a project without knowing your goals. Do you want to capture data? Do you want to better understand data? Do you need to share your data? We ask questions to fully understand your need for the data and how you will use it.

We will organize the data through its design and then build it to hold the required data.

If needed, we integrate your database with web or mobile applications. And, we can build APIs (Application Program Interface) to integrate with a third-party system or allow a third-party system to interact with you.

Once your database is up and running, we stay with you to maintain it and ensure it runs efficiently.

Our database developers do it all and more

Why should you consider Blue Door Consulting? We have designed and developed several successful databases that:

  • Keep employee information organized, confidential and maintainable.
  • Update events, resources or digital assets as needed – with a simple click of the button.
  • Store processes or operational data that can be outputted for improvement analysis.
  • Allow product inventory to be easily maintained.
  • Enable systems to “talk to” one another by sharing data.

Seize the day. Share the Love.

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Let us bring the keys to understanding your business and your customers better to the table. Let us identify and then build efficient, user-friendly and fully-optimized databases that make information easily accessible to your team. Contact us with your database design needs today!

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