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Daniel Shepherd

Senior Marketing Consultant

Daniel Shepherd Portrait

Strategic, Analytical, Deliberative, Learner, Ideation

I have a background in operations management and user experience (UX) design. Weird combination, right? I have always enjoyed working with people and understanding how things work – or could work better. For me that is where my two career paths merge. I work best when collaborating, and good digital user experience design really goes best when everyone is working together. I started with Blue Door Consulting in December of 2015. My area of expertise is interface design and strategic digital planning. I also LOVE numbers and analyzing data.

I have a Master’s degree in philosophy – which was cool before all the student loans kicked in. Looking at the world and asking ‘why’ has always been important to me. Even when it made my grade school teachers pull their hair out. My outlook on life can be summed up into two ideas – From Nietzsche: amor fati. From Heraclitus: Nothing endures but change.

When I’m not digging into new UX at Blue Door Consulting, I am hanging out with wife and my two daughters. I love being outside and really enjoy hiking and camping.


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“That which cannot be said should be passed over in silence.” — Wittgenstein, Tractatus
If I Could Live In Another Time or Decade

I would live when guys wore ties to work – because I like wearing ties

What I Wanted to Be When I Grew Up

Garbage Man (back before it was all automated when they got to hang off the back of trucks, which was cool when I was five)

Occupation In Another Life

Nature writer

Pet Peeve

Filling the dishwasher in a different order every time

Favorite Adult Beverage

Rob Roy

Bucket List Item

Seeing the Milky Way without any man-made light to distort it

Who I Would Like To Have Dinner With (Live, Dead Or Fictional)

Gary Snyder – do just drinks count as dinner?

Three Adjectives

Analytical, deliberate, innovative