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Daniel Shepherd Portrait

Daniel Shepherd

Senior Marketing Consultant

Strategic, Analytical, Deliberative, Learner, Ideation
Volunteer Organizations
Appleton Public Montessori, Fox Cities Habitat for Humanity

More About Daniel

My background is in operations management and user experience (UX) design. I have always enjoyed working with people and understanding how things work—or could work better. I work best when collaborating and love numbers and analyzing data. I’ve been with Blue Door Consulting since 2015 and really enjoy solving new challenges and finding better solutions to help my clients move their business goals forward.

I have a master’s degree in philosophy. Looking at the world and asking ‘why’ has always been important to me, even when it made my grade-school teachers pull their hair out. My outlook on life can be summed up into two ideas: from Nietzsche: amor fati, from Heraclitus: Nothing endures but change.

“That which cannot be said should be passed over in silence.” — Wittgenstein, Tractatus

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