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Sara Boddy Portrait

Sara Boddy

Business Strategy Consultant

Arranger, Individualization, Relator, Achiever, Responsibility

More About Sara

I’ve always been interested in consumer behavior and the psychology behind the decision-making process. I’m also an analytics nut. Marketing allows me to combine these passions to build unique and powerful strategic campaigns for my clients.

I graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh with a degree in marketing and an emphasis in web-presence management. Before rolling into Blue Door, I worked as an SEO and inbound marketing specialist for a web company and as a digital marketing strategist at a small marketing agency.

Throughout these roles and a combined 10 years of experience in marketing, I’ve discovered that I most enjoy working in an agency environment where no two days are the same and I’m regularly exposed to the latest marketing trends. The beauty of digital marketing is that it is measurable and provides a clear picture of ROI.

When I am not rocking the online marketing world, you can find me enjoying an outdoor brewery at home in Phoenix or on YouTube learning how to DIY something at home. Whether it’s a hands-on woodworking workshop, a marketing podcast or a good TED talk, I will never pass up an opportunity to learn.

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