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Leah Van Rooy

Senior Marketing Consultant

Leah Van Rooy Portrait

Empathy, Harmony, Discipline, Relator, Developer

I have heard it time and time again … ‘When the right one comes along, you’ll just know.’ It seems that for all of life’s big decisions-choosing a college, agreeing to marry, finding the perfect house, accepting the right job-you are supposed to just know what to do when the right one comes along. I used to doubt the validity of this theory, but it’s time to re-evaluate.

Years ago, after touring many college campuses, I thought I would never find one that excited me, until I went to UW-Eau Claire and knew it was where I wanted to be. I met my husband when I was 15 and knew he was different from the rest. It took six months and more than 50 houses before we found the one we could call home. And, as for the right job, I have found it here at Blue Door Consulting.

I have worked at marketing agencies for years, and I love the energy that comes with agency life: the ability to assist multiple companies, on numerous projects, in a variety of industries. It keeps me on my toes and is never the ‘same ole’ job. The people here are some of the kindest (and quirkiest) you’ll meet. I’ve grown as a professional and as a person. I am proud of the consultant I have become and the solutions I help provide for our clients. It is without a doubt the right fit for me – and I knew it from the first time I opened our blue front door.

I live for kindness, love and fun. Kindness is an ideal I try to live by, whether baking bread for an elderly neighbor or celebrating my 30th birthday with 30 acts of kindness. My husband and kids brighten my life in so many ways, and it is my family and friends who have helped shape me into the person I am today – all of their love is of utmost importance. Fun comes in many forms – baking, adventure races, Pinterest® projects and travel – just to name a few.

It’s time for me to give up on being skeptical about the theory that ‘when the right one comes along, you will just know.’ It seems I am a living testament to the validity of the claim.


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"Life isn't fair." — Barbara Bongers
Three Adjectives

Organized, Energetic, Clumsy

Pet Peeve

When someone leaves a sopping wet dishcloth sitting in a ball on the bottom of the kitchen sink…not naming any names. : )

Favorite Movie

The Holiday

Favorite Adult Beverage

Margarita, on ice, no salt

Bucket List Item

Go to all the places on the Beach Boys song “Kokomo”

Favorite Holiday

4th of July – no pressure, no gifts, just fun in the sun and fireworks!

Occupation In Another Life

Sign language teacher

Favorite School Subject

Interpersonal Communications