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The Power of Two for a Next Level You 
Geena Russo Portrait

Geena Russo

Senior Marketing Consultant

Input, Intellection, Empathy, Maximizer, Connectedness

More About Geena

Public relations and marketing didn’t find me, I was born into it. I was publicized as the first baby born in the new maternity ward at Bristol Hospital in Bristol, CT and from there the rest was history. (I still have the clipping). Though it wasn’t obvious to me what my career path should be until completing my master’s at my dream school, New York University, where I focused on effective communications strategy.

I know a strategic marketing and communications plan can hold the power to make the world a better place. Having worked across performing arts, non-profits and consumer brands, I’ve seen firsthand how marketing enhances what everyone has to offer to the world. I love helping clients raise greater awareness of their offerings.

Outside of Blue Door Consulting, I’m likely walking my dog Sydney, catching a free museum day or reading a book. I like to offer my marketing knowledge anywhere I can, providing free hour calls with dance companies and presenting at conferences. My Instagram discovery page consists of dance and dog videos.

“Start each day with a positive thought and a grateful heart." — Roy Bennett

Seize the day. share the love.

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