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Brenda Haines

Co-Founder, Consultant

Brenda Haines Portrait

Futuristic, Strategic, Responsibility, Includer, Ideation

I began my career in mass media as a television news reporter with a coveted front-row seat to history. I covered the Republican revolution in the US Congress, presidential campaigns, state budget announcements, education, local government, crime and emotionally-charged human interest stories for NBC and FOX affiliates.

But, sometimes history’s front-row seat wasn’t so desirable.

My most embarrassing moment? Explaining why residents on ‘Morningwood’ were petitioning to change their street name because the street sign kept getting stolen.

Working in the news did have its perks, though. Above all, it left me a studious analyst, eagle-eyed editor, clever wordsmith, zealous pun-ster, early adopter and trend-spotter. And, I still command one of the fastest ‘remote-control trigger-fingers’ in the business!

After leaving news, I spent five years building successful marketing programs for nonprofit and government agencies. Tapping a hidden entrepreneurial streak, I teamed up with Heidi Strand to found Blue Door Consulting.

Today, media relations is just one element of my toolkit. But, I do relish in helping clients develop and implement strategies that land them in the spotlight on their own terms.

And, just in case you need my credentials – I earned my Master’s in Public Administration from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh and am a summa cum laude graduate of Wartburg College with degrees in Communication Arts/Electronic Media and Political Science.

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"I have too many quotes."
Favorite Logo

Kohler. Love the elevation of plumbing fixtures to works of art.

Best Word of Mouth Campaign

Young & Free Alberta. Congrats to this Canadian Credit Union on winning a Groundswell award. Well done!

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Favorite City

Washington, D.C.

Pet Peeve

Giving up

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3 Adjectives Describing Me

That I would use?  laugher, smart, driven

Occupation in Another Life

Depends, I suppose, on my karma in that life. POTUS or country singer. I’ll let you decide which is the good karma and which is the bad