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Jessica Gauger Portrait

Jessica Gauger

Associate Marketing Consultant

Individualization, Strategic, Developer, Input, Achiever

More About Jessica

I grew up in a tiny town called Pittsville, which happens to be the exact center of Wisconsin. Now when I say tiny, I am talking a population of 834 people. So, I was very excited to be attending college in the “big city” of Oshkosh! I graduated at the University of Oshkosh with a Bachelor of Arts in computer science.

I consider myself a creative person. I took a web design class in high school and fell in love with designing and creating user interfaces for websites. From that moment, I knew I wanted to go to school to become a website developer. After graduating college, I started to consider marketing positions when applying for different jobs. I feel marketing and web design have a lot of similarities because both involve making a product as desirable to the customer or user as possible. In my job search, I came across Blue Door Consulting and knew this is where I wanted to work.

When I am not at work, I enjoy hiking, biking, reading and kayaking. I also love to travel. Favorite places I’ve been to are Ireland, London and Italy.

“There will come a time in your life when you lose something that matters to you. You’ll fight for it, and you won’t win. But what really matters isn’t the war you’re waging, it’s that you don’t lose the person you are in the midst of the battle.” — J. Sterling

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