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Sydney Johnson Portrait

Sydney Johnson

Web QA Tester

Empathy, Developer, Intellection, Adaptability, Context
Volunteer Organizations
CVLGBTQ: Chippewa Valley LGBT Community Center

More About Sydney

Some of my earliest memories are of me behind a keyboard. I’ve been fascinated with computers for as long as I can remember, and have carried that love for computers throughout my entire life. I’ve always been overly ambitious and am always trying to learn new skills and do new personal projects with those skills. Whether it’s programming, learning an instrument or even just trying a really ambitious recipe, I’m always trying to push myself to learn something new.

I’ve done plenty of different jobs in my life, from factory work to fast food to being a caretaker in a group home. But now, I’m excited to finally put my skills with a computer to work at Blue Door Consulting!

When I’m not at work, you can find me playing games with my friends, learning my new skill of the week or cooking food for other people. I also love going for drives around Wisconsin to see what cool things I can find on the way. You never know what cool thing you’ll see in some forgotten small town.

"All your life, you'll meet people that only want to break you down. Forget them, stand strong with the people who build you up." — Mark Fischbach

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