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Erin Minsart Portrait

Erin Minsart

Senior Marketing Consultant

Individualization, Relator, Analytical, Discipline, Communication

More About Erin

Over my 20+ year marketing career, I have worked at companies and agencies of all sizes, including my own digital marketing agency. My favorite thing about all of them was helping clients and internal teams succeed, while also having fun along the way! Marketing strategy is second nature to me, and I’m sure my husband enjoys listening to me dissect every bit of marketing we see.

I believe that storytelling can make powerful and personalized connections in a digital world. I also love using data to inform decisions and drive success. Ultimately, I get most excited about taking clients’ online presence to the next level and leveraging all the tools available to help them succeed and grow. You often only get one chance to make a first impression online, and my job is to make sure it’s done right. The path to purchase is rarely linear, but by creating a cohesive brand, we can help drive these prospects through the funnel while also creating brand advocates.

A people-first approach to life and building relationships are core to my being and I love learning about other’s strengths and how I can build the very best team for each project, both personally and professionally.

Everything is figureoutable. — Marie Forleo

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