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Erin Minsart

Senior Marketing Consultant

Erin Minsart Portrait

Individualization, Relator, Analytical, Discipline, Communication

I have a Bachelor of Arts in speech communication because I would rather do just about anything than math. Thankfully, when I got my Master of Business Administration many years later, I had Excel® to do the math for me!

Over my 20-year marketing career, I have worked at companies of all sizes, including my own digital marketing agency. My favorite thing about all of them was helping clients succeed, while also having fun along the way! Marketing strategy is second nature to me, and I’m sure my husband enjoys listening to me dissect every bit of marketing we see.

I believe that storytelling can make powerful and personalized connections in a digital world. I also love using data to inform decisions and drive success. Ultimately, I get most excited about taking clients’ online presence to the next level and leveraging all the tools available to help them succeed and grow. You often only get one chance to make a first impression online, and my job is to make sure it’s done right. The path to purchase is rarely linear, but by creating a cohesive brand experience, we can help drive prospects through the funnel while also creating brand advocates.

Personally, I love to travel and scuba dive, but mostly you’ll find me hanging out with my husband and three dogs, or in the kitchen planning and preparing meals. I enjoy being active and my absolute favorite style of exercise is barre workouts. I also love pizza. It’s a balance!

Get in Touch with Erin

Everything is figureoutable. — Marie Forleo
Pet Peeve:

Hearing someone eat

Favorite adult beverage:

Cherry vodka and coke

Foodie or Not:

Food is life! I think about lunch at breakfast.

Who I’d Like to Have Dinner With:

Betty White

3 Adjectives Describing Me:

Organized, efficient and authentic

Bucket List:

Scuba dive with great white sharks

Occupation in Another Life:

Professional organizer

Favorite TV or Movie Character:

Dwight Schrute