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Sharing the love—one win at a time
Tavia Gavinski Portrait

Tavia Gavinski

Art Director

Harmony, Empathy, Developer, Maximizer, Positivity
stacked stones on the beach

More About Tavia

As a kid, I would doodle. I would fill up lines of notebook paper with shapes and patterns. When one page was finished, I’d move on to the next. Today, my sketching comes to life in a digital space!

Since graduating from UW-Oshkosh with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Communications, I’ve worked in a number of design roles at several advertising agencies and an in-house corporate marketing team. Through these experiences, I’ve learned how to work with teammates and clients to help create award-winning work.

My Blue Door Consulting role allows me to focus on developing consistent branding materials, along with creating digital publications that come to life with added interactivity. I love the small things in design: kerning, apostrophes vs. inch marks and alignment, to name a few. The details are what make good design great!

Outside of work I enjoy laughing with my two sons, attending book clubs with friends and finding good deals at thrift stores. I love to see others succeed, so you’ll find me cheering them on from the sidelines. The glass is half full in my book!

Seize the day. share the love.

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