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Tavia Gavinski

Art Director

Tavia Gavinski Portrait

Harmony, Empathy, Developer, Maximizer, Positivity

As a kid, I would doodle. I would fill up lines of notebook paper with shapes and patterns. When one page was finished, I’d move on to the next. Today, my sketching comes to life in a digital space. I get a kick out of seeing my designs, both in print and digital mediums.

My role at Blue Door Consulting has me focused on creating consistent branding materials for a variety of clients, along with creating digital publications that come to life with added interactivity. I love the details in design: kerning, apostrophes vs. inch marks, and alignment to name a few. The details are what make good design great. The ultimate compliment is getting positive feedback from teammates and clients.

Outside of work I enjoy laughing with my two sons (both redheads), researching natural autoimmune remedies and finding good deals at thrift stores. I like to see others succeed, so you’ll also find me cheering on others from the sidelines. The glass is half full in my book!


Get in Touch with Tavia

"Kerning rules."
If I Could Live In Another Time Or Decade


Occupation In Another Life

Personal Coach

Pet Peeve

Loud chewing

Favorite Adult Beverage

Not Your Father’s Root Beer

Bucket List Item

Santorini, Greece

Favorite Design Element

White space

First Memory

Building a bus shelter with my dad

What I Wanted To Be When I Grew Up

Ice skater