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3 Ways to Use Virtual Reality Marketing
Jason Toney Portrait

Jason Toney

Senior Multimedia Consultant

Restorative, Futuristic, Analytical, Responsibility, Connectedness
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TEDx Oshkosh

More About Jason

I graduated from UW-Oshkosh with a major in philosophy and a minor in Radio/TV/Film. Not long after, I met a photographer who (I’m still not sure how) would become my wife two years later. A month after we wed, we put all our chips on the table and opened our own photography/video studio in Oshkosh. Eight years after opening the studio, I accepted a position in the Visual Properties department at EAA in Oshkosh. Aviation photography and videography was an exciting new challenge. Hanging out of one aircraft shooting another subject aircraft just feet from you truly tests your comfort zone! In February 2016, I joined the Blue Door Consulting team as its first Multimedia Consultant. It’s been incredibly exciting and rewarding to build and grow this service line. Everyone has a story to be told, and I’m here to tell those stories in truly unique ways.

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