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How to Use CRM Data in Marketing

Companies that use customer relationship management, or CRM, can see a 300% increase in conversion rates and 47% have increased customer retention. CRM can be a powerful marketing tool for your company.

How can you use CRM for marketing?

In our latest one-minute marketing video, we look at ways to reach target audiences, measure ad engagement and analyze acquisitions to create valuable conversions. Press play below or view “How to use CRM Data in Marketing.”

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Companies using a customer relationship management system, or CRM, can see up to a 300% increase in conversion rates. And 47% have seen an increase in customer retention.

Let’s look at how CRM data is used effectively in marketing.

Tip #1: Create segmented audiences.

Use your CRM platform to group your audience into segments based on where they live, their job roles or other factors. Then create hyper-targeted messages to reach each group.

Tip #2: Measure ad engagement.

Compare ad campaigns with A/B testing to determine which is most effective. Then adjust ads based on the highest conversion rates.

Tip #3: Analyze customer acquisitions.

Compare the actions of customers who request a quote or make a purchase with those who do not. Adapt marketing plans respectively.

Need help with how to use CRM data in marketing? Give us a call. We’d love to help

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