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5 Tips for a Successful Internal Brand Launch

A brand launch starts long before your customers see it for the first time. Your new brand’s potential for success starts with getting employees on board.

How can you align your team and create excitement around the rollout?

In our latest one-minute marketing video, we share five tips for a successful internal brand launch. Press play below or view “5 Tips for a Successful Internal Brand Launch” to discover five internal brand launch activities that will help get employees hyped up and invested.

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Launching a new brand starts long before rolling it out to your customers.

It starts with getting employees hyped and invested in the change.

Let’s look at 5 tips for a successful internal brand launch.

Tip #1: Create a brand launch team.

Designate people to help build energy and excitement around the rollout.

Tip #2: Create a brand guide

Provide key elements of the new brand such as the mission, vision, purpose and values in a streamlined document.

Tip #3: Explain the reason for the change

Clarify what prompted the shift and why the new brand is a smart move.

Tip #4: Let employees ask questions. 

Provide opportunities for feedback and follow up with prompt responses.

Tip #5: Make the new brand tangible with swag.

Create hype with fun swag such as t-shirts and tumblers that celebrate your new brand.

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