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PR/Media Relations

Storytelling through media relations and public relations

Once upon a time, organizations controlled their own reputations by distributing news releases and managing brochure-type websites with facts they wanted to share. It was a simple, happy existence. Customers who were unhappy had little recourse but to lean over the back fence and tell a friend or neighbor about a bad experience.

Then, along came social media. And, everything changed.

To say PR has changed is an understatement. A practice that long consisted of building relationships with a few key media contacts and firing off news releases has evolved to focus on telling the right story to the right people at the right time in the right places. And, this work is more critical than ever. Here’s why:

  • The majority of business decision-makers—80 percent—prefer to learn about an organization through articles versus ads. To reach new and existing audiences means crafting and telling a compelling story. [1]
  • It takes 10-12 positive reviews to offset the damage of one negative review. [2]
  • The annual cost of unhappy customers is $537 billion. [3]

Customers and prospects have the power to change your organization’s growth trajectory. The value of strategic storytelling can’t be oversold.

Storytelling through media relations and public relations
Our PR approach

Our PR approach

We can help you identify influencers and develop a game plan to reach them. We’ll work with you and your team, crafting compelling stories, training for media interviews and measuring the effectiveness of your PR activities. When it comes to serious stuff like crisis communications, we will help explain your side of the story or take responsibility where needed. And, if you need to create change within your organization, our design thinking team can help your organization find the root cause of the PR crisis and develop a process to prevent it from happening again.

We stand for a no spin, no fluff approach. Nothing is more compelling than the genuine truth about your brand, what you stand for and what’s really going on inside your walls. We use our storytelling expertise to help you extract core truths and present them in a way that resonates with your ideal clients and employees. Your organization’s personality can be your best attribute. We help you find ways to share it.

Few people actually enjoy getting in shape! But, everyone knows it is the healthy choice. Once svelte, its easier to maintain.

PR services to tell your story

There are many ways to share your brand, values, offerings and more with the world. Blue Door Consulting’s PR services include (but are not limited to):

Public relations strategy

Beginning with a PR audit, we’ll help you design a public relations strategy to get results. Because we take an integrated approach, our strategy includes media relations, SEOsocial media marketing and more.

Crisis response

Take control of sensitive topics. We coach client partners on how to communicate challenging issues with internal and external audiences. (Bonus: Our design thinking team can facilitate sessions to help you get to the root cause of the crisis and redesign processes to prevent a repeat event.)

Media relations

Connect with gatekeepers. Understand how journalists, bloggers and other influencers choose stories for and tell stories to their unique audiences. This includes news release development and distribution:Share the facts of your newsworthy event.  We’ll customize your news for targeted publications.

Public relations

Let people know what you’re up to and what you stand for. Together we’ll present your best possible brand to the world.

Influencer outreach

Engage the people who affect your business. Make the right impression on and provide value to the influencers who give cues to your customers.

PR measurement

Know where you stand. We review with our client partners where and how they’ve appeared in the media, how their influence is spreading and the outcomes of these efforts.

Co-creating your PR story

Co-creating your PR story

Because your story is, well, your story … we can’t do PR without you. That’s why we engage you through the process, with PR and media relations offerings that are hyper-specific to your situation. Here’s how we do that:


Creating a PR strategy and executing tactics starts with a discovery interview and research. We want to understand the elements of your story, by learning potential risks your organization faces, familiarizing ourselves with opportunities for your organization and benchmarking your current public relations efforts.


Together we define goals, story concepts and audiences we want to reach.

  • Your PR goals may be wide-ranging. Whether you want decision-makers to be influenced by a call-to-action or you want Google to find your blog posts, we’ll create specific goals that show how we expect PR efforts to influence the rest of your organization, so we can measure against those goals.
  • Telling an organization’s story sounds simple. But, too few organizations do this well. We dive deep to identify your differentiators, determine how they align you’re your audience’s goals and then build a story that will resonate. When we collaborate to do this, you can expect brutal honesty, imagination and a can-do attitude. Together we figure out how to tie actions and your brand to what you want to accomplish.
  • With your story established, we ID the most valuable audiences. Reaching those people calls for deeply understanding which media they’re consuming, who influences them and how to talk to the gatekeepers.


To wrap up a PR campaign, we measure progress toward goals. This often involves checking out before and after benchmarks. Measuring activities lets us refine tactics and try different iterations to achieve your goals.

PR and ROI

Because we think about PR holistically, we measure it holistically, too. Understanding your PR impact requires measures at four levels:

  1. Earned coverage – How much coverage did your public relations effort generate?
  2. Shared stories – What was the reach of your content? Was it shared by influencers? If so, where?
  3. Activity conversions – What percentage of people who saw the information took another step, such as visiting your website, watching a video or downloading a white paper?
  4. Return on investment – Among those who took action, what percentage completed a purchase, made a donation or signed up to volunteer?

By partnering with our clients, getting specific about what they’re trying to accomplish and measuring PR activities, we can discover the most effective way to tell your remarkable story.

Let’s create ‘happily ever after’ together!

PR and ROI

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