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Video Marketing

Why video is a must-have in your content marketing toolbox

Did you watch a video today? How about yesterday? If you’re like most people, you probably paused while scanning content on your smartphone or tablet to catch a quick video. These videos are addictive—they draw you in, perhaps teach you something, probably entertain you. If you fall into this camp, you’re among 85 percent of people who watch videos online. [1]

And, if you don’t relate, well, trust us, this is happening all around you. And yes, some of these videos star puppies and kittens being their adorable selves. But, many more videos have a strategic business purpose. Using video marketing, companies instruct and explain in a way viewers can relate. They build brand awareness. They generate sales.

Consider these statistics related to business executives [2]

  • Branded video viewership has increased 258 percent
  • 59 percent say that when both text and video are available on a topic, they prefer to watch the video
  • 64 percent of consumers buy a product after watching a brand video

So, why video? Because as a content marketing tool, it crosses genders and generations. It opens the door to your customers and prospects, as they invite you in to share your brand and—perhaps quite literally—your voice.

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Video marketing services put you in the spotlight

At Blue Door Consulting, our skilled team works collaboratively with you to tell your story with video. Whether video marketing involves capturing original, raw footage or creating a video animation, we’ve developed finished products for a variety of online video marketing needs:

  • A manufacturer produced short but comprehensive how-to videos to be used by distributors and dealers.
  • A client’s team members told the story of a great company culture that attracts the types of associates the client is looking for.
  • A consumer-based product manufacturer shared fun videos on household cleaning tips to build brand loyalty, ultimately earning thousands of social media views and numerous shares each month.
  • Manufacturers have shared expertise in their respective industries, helping them be recognized as valuable resources.
  • Non-profit clients have successfully used video to advance their cause, easing the challenge of raising needed funds.
  • A local retailer discusses the features and benefits of their products through video.
  • Video animations tell a story in social media, instructional videos and more.

Creating your online video marketing story

Creating a marketing video takes more than a camera and a story. It’s backed by a solid marketing strategy to truly make your business a star. Here’s how we put our video marketing process to work for you.


First, we talk about goals. Not just the goals of the video. We want to know your business goals. Why? We want to make sure the video we produce directly aligns with what you are looking to accomplish. In that way, we can assess how the video (or videos) played a part in business success.


Then, we begin to outline the story. We listen to what it is you want the video to convey. Next, in collaboration with you, we develop a storyboard—that’s what your video looks like on paper—that walks through the message and visualizes the script.


Finally, we bring in our A-team, including content marketers, graphic designers.

Give our video marketing services a try

The next time you ask, “Why video?” We’ll likely answer, “Why not?” No matter what your industry or the size of your company, your story is worthy of a star performance. We’re not just handing you a line—the viewers have spoken!

If you’d like to learn more about our video marketing services, contact us for a complimentary one-hour consultation.