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Sharing the love—one win at a time

Every Friday, we begin our team meeting with a recap of good things that have happened throughout the week. We call these ‘wins’, and everyone takes a turn sharing what went well for them or for our clients. It could be that we launched a new responsive website or that we’ve used our new project management software successfully. Sometimes, team members share positive feedback from clients or progress on a campaign or project. Wins can be personal, too, and sometimes just getting the kids to the bus on time is a win, particularly if that’s been a challenge in the past.

Whether the win is big or small, the team acknowledges it and the person it belongs to. It’s a great way to recognize our teammates and the hard work we do during hectic work weeks. Sharing wins also helps us know what our teammates are working on and gives us a glimpse into their week. Since we have a number of people that work remotely, including myself, we count on our team meeting to catch up on projects that have been completed successfully. Working outside of the office full-time has its challenges, but sharing positive news makes us feel like part of the group.

This is a great addition to our team meetings-it’s easy, fun and builds a sense of teamwork and accomplishment. It’s a great way to take a few minutes and share the love. You might consider adopting this practice, not only does it energize the team, but gets your meeting started on the right foot. Give it a try, and let us know how it worked in your organization!

out of the blue Tavia Gavinski June 20, 2014

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