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Animated and Responsive Logos

Animated and responsive logos make you more visible

Is your logo ready for a refresh? Updating your brand with animation or a responsive logo design can give it a fresh, trendy look.

Your logo is the face of your brand, and responsive logos ensure that face looks great, whether someone is looking at it on a giant computer monitor or the screen on their smartphone. And animated logos can make your logo “draw” more interest.

In this one-minute video, you’ll find out how animated and responsive logos can help your brand stay visible and memorable on a variety of online platforms.

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The Blue Door Consulting Team


Your logo is a component of your brand. It has been part of your organization’s identity, perhaps for years, and has the brand recognition you need.

But perhaps it doesn’t catch the eye in your digital communications. Or, maybe it wasn’t designed to fit in the places you need it to – like on your mobile app icon or Facebook profile pic.

In this marketing minute, we will tell you how with responsive logo design and animation you can have your cake and eat it, too—that is use your existing logo across new platforms.

Let me show you a responsive logo design example. Responsive logos adapt to different locations on different screens. This design allows the logo to change from something detailed to something simple, yet still identifiable.

Having a responsive logo design is one way to help your brand fit with current and future trends. Another option for giving your existing logo an eye-catching upgrade is through animation. 

Animated logos subtly show movement within the existing designs to incorporate a fresh story and to draw interest. See how we use animation in our Blue Door Consulting logo to draw in the viewer and show them what’s next in the story we are telling.

Are you ready to give your logo what it takes to shine in a variety of channels? Give us a call, we’d love to talk.

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