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Recruitment Marketing

Attract qualified job candidates with these tips

Is your company struggling to find the right job candidates?

In this marketing minute, learn four recruitment marketing strategies to help your company attract qualified candidates and get an edge over the competition.

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The Blue Door Consulting Team


Attracting the right job candidate can often be challenging for businesses. Recruitment marketing can give your company an edge over the competition. Keep these helpful tips in mind to attract qualified candidates.

Number one. Take a look at the strength of your brand. Companies with powerful employer brands get 50% more qualified applicants and a 50% reduction in cost-per-hire.

Number two. Streamline your mobile application process. A Glassdoor® survey revealed 35% of job seekers prefer applying for jobs from their phones. So, make the process simple and straightforward.

Number three. Draw in candidates by taking them on a journey. Create a memorable hiring process from start to finish, from the time someone sees your ad, to accepting the position.

Number four. Utilize relevant platforms. Instead of blindly posting your jobs on just any website, use the channels your audience is already on.

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