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Blue Door Consulting, Tell Me about AI Marketing

AI uses machine learning to provide customers with personalized experiences they have come to expect.

In this marketing minute, discover three ways businesses can leverage AI marketing to improve the customer experience and grow revenue.

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The Blue Door Consulting Team


Have you ever wondered how Amazon® recommends what products you may like? Or, how Google® can predict what you are searching? The answer is artificial intelligence, also called AI.

AI is the ability of a machine to imitate and learn human behavior. Businesses can leverage this technology to provide a better customer experience. Here are three ways.

Number one. AI tools can help create or curate relevant content that aligns with your marketing strategy. Use that insight to drive future content, improve engagement or expand reach.

Number two. Personalized experiences. AI can anticipate what customers want by using data on their past behaviors. You see this in action every time Netflix® gives you customized recommendations.

Number three. Use artificial intelligence to automate website testing. AI makes testing smarter, more efficient and more accurate by reducing the number of manual, repetitive tasks.

Are you curious about more ways you can utilize AI marketing? Give us a call. You can also check out our YouTube® channel for more helpful marketing tips.

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