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3 Ways to Promote Hybrid Events

Let’s face the facts: Hybrid events are here for the long run.

So, how do you draw attention to a hybrid event? How do you build excitement when the destination may be attendees’ living rooms as opposed to a sexy location?

Watch our latest one-minute marketing video to find promotional inspo for your next hybrid event. Press play below to view “3 Ways to Promote a Hybrid Event.”

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When you’re planning a hybrid event, you’ll need a hybrid marketing strategy, too.

Boost attendance by using both digital and traditional promotional strategies.

Use these tips to hype your hybrid event.

Develop a strategic email campaign with event details and provide a link to register online. Send teasers and registration reminder emails to those who haven’t registered, and anticipation builder emails to those who have.

Write a press release to create awareness. Post the press release on your website and share media links on your social channels.

Send potential attendees a promotional giveaway. Offer more chances to win prizes through registration.

Post teaser videos, images and articles about your event to social media as well. Encourage followers to share the posts.

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