Marketing Collateral

Marketing materials that truly reflect your brand

Marketing collateral can—literally—take your brand places.

The tangible nature of marketing materials such as business cards, letterhead, brochures and other materials can spread a brand’s message far and wide.

Consider this: 45 percent of a brand’s image is determined by what it says and how it says it. [1] In other words, your brand is your promise.

And in order to deliver on that promise, you need to provide a consistent experience, at every touch point, every time. Marketing materials are no exception. At Blue Door Consulting, we design marketing collateral that helps set your brand apart, delivering the messages your customers expect.

Marketing materials that truly reflect your brand

Marketing collateral that fits

Whether your organization is in need of promotional materials, signage, sell sheets, a website that looks and feels like you, or something else—we can help. No two organizations are alike. (We get that!) And, that’s why the look and feel of your marketing materials should be different, too.

Marketing collateral that fits

Our process for your branded look

Through our research and discovery process, we gain a clear understanding of your organization’s existing brand position and its marketing collateral needs. Our goal: Strategically create a look and feel that’s right for you and your budget.

Here’s where the fun begins! Once we have a clear understanding of the marketing materials you need, we begin by developing mood boards to provide several “looks and feels” to choose from. After the right look is selected, we begin design. Our services also include printing coordination, mailing and fulfillment and even training, if needed. Through it all, we’ll engage you and your team in the development process.

We want to be sure that the marketing materials, messages and designs work for you.

Our process for your branded look


Marketing collateral design

Our graphic artists are passionate about designing marketing materials that feel like the organization’s DNA runs through them. We know authenticity matters. It propels prospects to become customers and customers to come back again and again.

From corporate identity packages that include a logo, brochure, business card and letterhead, to tradeshow signage and booth design that turns heads, social media graphics and website designs that get results, our team brings enthusiasm and creativity to projects big and small.

We have experience designing marketing collateral for a diverse range of organizations, including manufacturers, educational agencies, nonprofit organizations, professional services firms, financial services providers, marketing and printing companies and more. Our experience includes:

Corporate identity packages

When you are developing a new corporate identity package, you want marketing collateral that reflects your brand and grabs attention. Whether you are looking for logo design, business card design or creation of letterhead, brochures or flyers, we’ll collaborate with you to develop collateral your customers can’t wait to get their hands on.

Promotional materials

Perhaps you’re running a one-time promotion. Or, maybe you need PowerPoint templates, sales presentations, sell sheets, case studies or other materials you can use multiple times. Whatever your need, we thrive on finding creative ways to turn an everyday promotional piece into something memorable. 


Though it is one of the most powerful marketing tools, the impact of signage can be easily overlooked. Whether you are driving traffic to a new or existing location with external signage, making it easier for guests to navigate with internal signage, grabbing attention at the point of purchase, generating leads with billboards or looking for a tradeshow booth design that draws attendees in, we can help. We love creating signage that turns heads.

Digital design

Delivering a brand experience across digital channels takes more than a designer’s eye. It takes a UX (user experience) specialist’s knowledge and a business analyst’s insights. That’s where we differentiate. We’re continuously iterating and testing, to find the website designs, e-newsletter templates and social media graphics that get results.


When you publish case studies, white papers, e-books and annual reports, you want to showcase your brand in every piece. By collaborating with your team to truly understand the message you want to deliver, we can help you strike the right note.


Print. Billboard. Digital. Display. Outdoor. Guerilla. Bring us your goals. We’ll work with your team to develop the creative advertising campaign that delivers results. 

We love a good challenge

Bring us your design challenge. We’re ready. We can’t wait to work with you and your team to create marketing collateral that takes your story on the road.

We love a good challenge