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Market Research

Gain insights through qualitative and quantitative research

Just as a quality landscape survey helps an architect craft blueprints, business, marketing, government and non-profit leaders develop growth and improvement plans.

Good data facilitates good decisions. However, while 50 percent of large companies feel brand and market assessment research is highly valuable, only 20 percent have launched research projects in the last two years. [1] If you’re one of those firms, you may be missing out on data critical to improving performance.

You might be looking for market research to gain:

  • Deeper understanding of customers’ needs
  • Additional perspective of your marketplace position
  • New industry issues or changes in your primary market
  • Insights into the potential for new business lines

We’ll look at the problem, data and strategy holistically. A big-picture market research approach ensures the appropriate strategy and data collection tools for reaching your goals.

Market research questions

Market research questions

To get started, we’ll ask the following questions:

  • What is your end goal?
  • What qualitative or quantitative data would aid in substantiating the problem, opportunity or solution at hand?
  • How will the research be utilized?

Market research planning

Based on the answers to those questions, we’ll develop a holistic research strategy customized to meet your goals.

Whether your research question would benefit most from a quantitative or qualitative methodology, we’ll identify and choose the tools that provide the answers you need.

Among the qualitative tools in our toolbox:

Focus Groups

Whether you’re planning a process improvement, new product development, customer experience or service delivery, we can bring together focus groups to help you gain helpful insights. We’ve hosted focus groups in lab settings that allow you to observe the conversations in real time and participate in the findings. Or, we can prepare summary analyses with video clips to help your team develop a shared understanding of the findings.

Ethnographic Research

Sometimes the real a-ha moments aren’t in what people say, but what they do. We conduct in-person site visits to observe interviewees in their day-to-day environments. Observing, listening and seeing directly how they interact with a product, process or organization offers invaluable insights for innovation and process improvements.

Service Design

When service design involves customers, the process becomes a blend that is part market research and part innovation/process improvement. Because design thinking puts customers at the core of the design process, there is no separation between the listening, learning and iterating, making innovation more efficient and process improvement more effective.

Goal-driven process for social media marketing

Goal-driven process for social media marketing

Step 1: Listen and learn.

Our social media marketing services begin with discovery interviews and research. We need to know you, your competitors and your industry so we can assemble your best engagement plan.

Next is benchmarking. We look at where you are now and where you stand among your peers. Without benchmarking, we don’t know how much to celebrate your improvements. (We don’t want to show up with a bottle of Cook’s when you really deserve Dom Pérignon®. How embarrassing!)

Step 2: Plan.

From here, our social media strategy consultants develop a plan: what are we trying to accomplish, why are we trying to accomplish it and which tactics will help us get there. This is when we draw up our roadmap, setting goals and establishing deadlines.

Step 3: Act.

After we know what we’re going to do in our social media marketing strategy, it’s time to get busy; it’s implementation time. Together we flip the switches on content, sales integration and more. We’ve picked the social platforms that best support our goals, and now it’s time for our brand to join the party.

Following implementation is measurement and monitoring. We need to know: What’s the ROI on this activity? How did that A/B test turn out? Which content drew the most shares? We track progress toward strategic goals—and discover our budget for bubbly!

In the end, there are enhancements and updates to evaluate, along with possibly joining new platforms—or not. Continuous improvement in social media marketing is driven by your goals and resources. We’re game for more experiments, but FOMO (fear of missing out) is not a strategic goal.

Choosing social media strategy consultants

On the social Internet, our social media strategy consultants  treat your brand as if it were our brand. We listen to your team to nail your voice, and we listen to your customers when they share what they loved—or loathed—about their experience with your organization. Every comment is an opportunity!

We’re here to help you make the best impression, every time. Our social media marketing goal is simple: brand authenticity, and nothing less.

If you’re looking for social media consultants who partner with you to engage users and achieve business goals, please contact us for a complimentary, one-hour consultation.

Choosing social media consultants

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