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Website Redesign Strategy Builds Customer Engagement

The Michels Family of Companies needed an online presence that captured the entirety of their capabilities. With services spanning many industries, the company was eager to more effectively share its energy and infrastructure solutions. Its customers around the world would benefit from a simple, easy-to-use platform that catered to their unique needs—construction, utility, wastewater and more. Michels partnered with Blue Door Consulting for a website redesign strategy that engaged customers.

The Results

Custom website redesign engages customers


conversions for organic users


Time on site improvement for organic users

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New Website Structure Paves Path to Success

Before creating and executing a website redesign strategy, Blue Door Consulting thoroughly evaluated Michels’ existing web presence. To most effectively showcase the company’s offerings, our consultants recommended a single website domain featuring Michels Corporate but with shared branding and separate company pages to highlight industry-specific solutions. This single-domain approach prevented SEO cannibalization for their individual companies and ensured they were not competing for search rankings. The new site structure and language translation also made it easier for Michels’ diverse customer base to find information quickly and easily.

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Constructing a Customer-First Experience

Aside from enhancing the website’s technical and content architecture, our custom website redesign strategy also included tactics to improve SEO. Among these tactics: Incorporating specific keywords for products or services on industry landing pages and making it simple for users to search for and find relevant content. Additionally, the new website pulled attributed content from a database to auto-populate pages with corporate content. This saved time that would otherwise be spent crafting unique webpage content for every one of Michels’ many businesses.

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Partnering with a Web Design Marketing Agency for Brand Growth

Our consultants and the Michels marketing team continue to build upon the site’s success. Customers can more effectively navigate the website, find information and recognize the Michels brand. The new website provides infinite scalability for content, translations and more, to support Michels’ growth well into the future.

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