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The world was growing more virtual amid the COVID-19 pandemic, and the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction knew it needed to rethink its virtual training processes. Their goal: Set educational professionals who rely on Transition Improvement Grant program resources up for success by making training modules accessible online. TIG partnered with digital marketing agency Blue Door Consulting for online training strategies that would make the grade.  

The Results

Virtual Training Hits High Marks







Digital Marketing Consultants Putting Pencils to Paper

TIG helps educators prepare students with disabilities for work, post-secondary education and independent living. Instituting successful training modules required a whole new approach to organization. As TIG’s digital marketing consultants, Blue Door Consulting rolled up its sleeves to develop a plan that centralized resources and made them easy to navigate. This gave educators and paraprofessionals across Wisconsin one place to access eight consistent training modules on specific topics.  

Online Training That Solves for Resources

TIG’s teachers and paraprofessionals needed the ability to read training modules at their own pace, from anywhere in Wisconsin. Blue Door Consulting recommended virtual training with text and images focused on relevant information educators could quickly reference over time. As designed, the new training modules let TIG be future ready to incorporate other training formats, including multimedia assets like video. 

Doing the Math to Make the Moves

As a state agency, TIG needs to track and report data for grant reporting. This includes usage statistics. Blue Door Consulting set up tracking and helps monitor training module performance so TIG can easily meet reporting requirements, equipping TIG with a low-cost reporting tool.  

Let Our Online Training Developers Do The Studying for You

Do you need virtual training modules to help your company thrive? We’re ready to help. 

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