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Manufacturer Sees Results with SEO Optimization Agency

When Valley Grinding & Manufacturing—an industrial customized slitting products and services provider—updated their website, they discovered that search engines weren’t sending as many customers their way. As a result, new customer leads dropped. They reached out to SEO Optimization agency Blue Door Consulting to help them sharpen their search engine optimization and polish lead quality.

The Results

Cut to the Chase


Increase in Organic Traffic


Increase in Conversions

User Intent Helps Sharpen SEO Strategies

Valley Grinding & Manufacturing needed to find the words to cut through the clutter and pull search engine traffic that was looking for the manufacturer’s services. That meant ensuring content was built with customer intent in mind. Blue Door Consulting began the process by reviewing current rankings to determine a baseline, then searched for opportunity. Through comprehensive keyword research and technical SEO additions, they determined which terms would turn searchers into leads.

Defining and Refining SEO Services

Once the new keywords were in place, SEO consultants monitored the Valley Grinding & Manufacturing website to make sure they kept on good terms with search engines. Monthly website updates and regular content additions help ensure the site continues to deliver.

Salesman on phone with leads

Turning Terms into Leads

Valley Grinding & Manufacturing soon cut away from the competition – experiencing a 32% rise in organic traffic and a 47% increase in leads through form submissions, calls and emails.

Bringing Customers to Our Customers

If you need an organic SEO consultant that turns searchers into customers, contact us today.

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