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B2B is B2C

It may be heresy, but I’d like to challenge the notion that B2B and B2C are different. Thanks to social media, the lines which used to divide business and consumer no longer exist in my opinion. Today is a brave new world and our tactics and language should reflect that notion …

One of the frequentHeidi Strand | Social Media comments we receive from our B2B clients is “I don’t really need to use social media. Social media is directed to consumers. The businesses I’m marketing to aren’t using Facebook.”

Wrong. Your customers are using Facebook, just perhaps as individuals instead of as organizational entities.

Consider this: A 2010 Marketing Trends study by Marketing Executive Networking Group (MENG) featured social media statistics of its members. (Members are vice presidents or higher on the corporate food chain and make $160K or more – so clearly decision makers.) This study revealed that they are using the tools themselves on a weekly basis, with LinkedIn being used by 92% of respondents and Facebook by 56%.

Beyond that noteworthy statistic is also the fact that employees are equally, if not more so, engaged in social media. In many cases, they are brand ambassadors for companies; engaging in word of mouth marketing by making referrals and sharing information.

It’s people who are responsible for the business that you are truly marketing to. You build relationships with people and that’s what social media is ultimately about.

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