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Deadlines, reports, finances, bills, reconciliations, spreadsheets, meetings, presentations… oh my!

In this post, Jen Sorensen shares tips for getting back in the game after a leave …

Yes, I’m back at work from my maternity leave and working at getting my head above water, so to speak.

Jen Sorenson | Strategy DevelopmentEight weeks away from your position sure influences your work load, your state of mind and your stress level, once you return. I have now been back in the game for 5 weeks, and you’d think by now I’d feel fully caught up and level – but I don’t… almost… but not quite. I have found that the primary reason is that my responsibilities do not, for some reason, wait for me to play catch up!

Although I’m not completely caught up, I have made immense progress and I’d love to share a few of the things I have put in order to help facilitate this…

  • Be as organized as possible — not just physically but primarily mentally
  • Try to thoroughly figure out and discuss what may have gone on or what decisions were made while I was out that will affect my responsibilities
  • Take it a project at a time (this has been hard for me because I tend to multi-task, which I’ve learned in the past is NOT the best way to always work — and has also been discussed by Ann in an earlier post)
  • Deep breaths — sounds simple, but when I feel overwhelmed, this helps (oh the beauty of air, that is clean air, to be exact!)
  • Work where I feel comfortable — and thankfully we have an open workspace established in the office, so on the couch by the fireplace has been the place the last few days!
  • And, the one that I think has truly helped me stay focused and on track is listening to music. Now I tend to go for the electronica/trance or dubstep style; but I also at times need classical — just depends on my mood and the project, to be honest! The well-paced, defining beats just keep my head in the game. Oh and I listen to it quite loud — that’s the key!!!

Well, I’m glad to be back and look forward to the many, many wonderful experiences I’ll be a part of and share with my team!

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