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Team Q&A Series: Brutal Honesty

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One of our core values at Blue Door Consulting is brutal honesty. A critical piece of this value takes place during our interview process. As the last step before hiring, we invite our prospects to ask brutally honest questions of our team members on what it is like to work with our team.

One of our most frequently asked questions is ‘What is it like to work in such an open-concept space?’  Here is what our team has to say:

 ‘Working in an open concept space gives me the freedom to change up my workspace as often as I need to. That helps me think more clearly and keeps me from being tied down to the same view every day. If I need a monitor one day, I can move to that spot. If I need to sit in a comfortable chair, I can do that, too. And if it gets too loud – headphones are the way to go!’

– Daniel

 ‘I love working in the open concept space because there are lots of intelligent conversations happening that we can constantly learn from (even if we’re not IN the conversation). If I have a lot going on though and need to focus in, having the option to work from home is a plus, too.’

– Sara

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