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Email Drip Campaigns

Get the answer to ‘What is an email drip campaign?’

Wait, don’t put email marketing on the back burner of your marketing strategy just yet! Email drip campaigns are capturing consumers by storm with the use of personalization and automation to yield a respectable ROI.

What is an email drip campaign? It’s a set of promotional emails that are scheduled ahead of time to go out to prospecting customers. The schedule and audience depends on specific user actions or set timelines. For example, if you plan to host a webinar or retail open house, you might set up a campaign that ‘drips’ emails into your customers’ inboxes to feed them information and reminders before the big day.

The emails build from one another in a strategic timeline depending on the individual customer. These emails are direct and personalized to a certain target market. So, if you have an ecommerce site, a customer who just purchased something from your website is going to receive a different series of emails than a customer who just created an account. In other words, email drip campaigns give the customer the right information at the right time.

There can be many variations of email drip campaigns. Some may focus on educating potential customers about products or services, while others may use promotions and offer discounts to encourage potential customers to make a purchase. In contrast, other drip campaigns may focus on re-engaging customers whom you haven’t heard from in a while.

Marketers have so many options for which email drip campaign path they can stroll down. The only roadblock is their creativity.

Why do email marketing?

‘Whoa! Not so fast,’ you say. ‘I thought email was dead.’ Not true!  We’re all still reading emails. In fact, email yields an average ROI of $38 for each $1 spent. It is not only cheaper but also 40  times more effective at facilitating transactions and conversations with customers as compared to social media platforms.

Email marketing is more effective than social media giants because 58 percent of people check their email before anything else, while 11 percent check their Facebook® accounts and 2 percent check Twitter® first. Email also increases ROI by 21 percent compared to the 15 percent of other social media platforms.

Plus, email drip campaigns pay for themselves. Relevant targeted emails produce 18 times more revenue than globally-broadcasted ones. Email drip campaigns keep customers engaged with business and products through personalization.  Building an email drip campaign that launches emails automatically, depending on customer interactions and behavior, is easier to maintain and track.

How effective are email campaigns?

So for those who are wondering, ‘How effective are email campaigns?’ we’ve got great news for you! Individuals who read drip emails are more likely to click the links included in the emails at a whopping increased click rate of 119 percent. You can’t argue with the results when comparing drip email marketing to single-send emails. The lowest 25 percent of drip campaigns outperformed the open rates of the highest 25 percent of all single sends. The open rate and the click rates sky rocket when personalization and automation are used.

Let’s get started

Email marketing, and specifically email drip campaigns are thriving. If you aren’t personalizing and automating emails, you’re behind in the game!

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