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Meet Ben

Get Personal with Ben, Web Programmer Extraordinaire

Ben McDowell fell in love with computers at a young age, and was thrilled to discover he could make a career out of something he is so passionate about. Working from Stevens Point, Wis., Ben McDowell is a web programmer, specializing in PHP and JavaScript. As a developer for Blue Door Consulting, he loves being able to spend actual face time with clients, instead of just coding away the day behind closed doors.

‘[The team collaboration] is really a day and night difference from just about anything you’ve ever done,’ says Ben. ‘Ten minutes into my job here, we were pulling chairs around and gathering around a table. Even though I had worked here for a very short time, I felt immediately like I was contributing to the team.’

When you meet Ben in person, be sure to ask him about his punk rock band’s basement shows. You won’t want to miss them.

After watching the video above, learn more about Ben and the path he took to become a Blue Door Consulting web programmer. Spoiler: It was all about following his passions.

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