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Meet Dan

Get to know Blue Door Consulting’s Spreadsheet Man

‘Dan, let us buy that!’

It’s a joke you’ll often hear in the Blue Door Consulting offices. But the truth is, Dan McElroy, our resident spreadsheet and accounting guru, deserves our thanks for keeping the whole office on track with our budget and billing. Our Spreadsheet Man does an extraordinary job handling our books.

‘With invoices, it’s usually #customerswanttopayus,’ says Dan, ‘They appreciate us.’

When it comes to accounting and budgeting, Dan is always taking the long-term approach. According to Dan, these small steps in a marathon are what ultimately helps Blue Door Consulting hit our goals and succeed.

To learn more about Dan, his passion for the outdoors and his knack for brewing beer, click here.

And, Dan: We think the next beer you brew should be a ‘Blue Door Bock.’

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