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Meet Kathy

Get Personal with Kathy, Our Company Culture Consultant


We all fondly refer to Kathy Bermingham as our resident den mother because so much of our office life depends on her. As our company culture consultant, she makes us feel loved on our birthdays, organizes our client’s holiday well-wishes and just makes Blue Door Consulting a great place to be. Kathy makes sure we are living our vision each and every day as a team. (In case you haven’t heard, our vision is, ‘Seize the day. Share the love.’)

‘My super power here is my age,’ says Kathy. ‘I’m the oldest employee – but with age comes experience and a life lived. That affords me an opportunity to provide understanding and empathy that one might not have.’

Kathy’s work experience, familiarity with the Oshkosh community and achiever strength make her a natural company culture consultant. Thanks to Kathy, our team, clients and community all feel the love. After watching the video, click here to learn more about Kathy’s guilty pleasures, her style mantra and how she starts her day.

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