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Meet Krystal

Get to know Krystal, web project manager extraordinaire

Website woes be gone, because web project manager Krystal Maloney is ready to tackle your website marketing needs! Whether you’re looking to overhaul an outdated website or are starting from scratch, Krystal knows to ask the right questions to help you achieve your goals.

Krystal explains, ‘If a client comes to us and says that they really need a new website, we really think through why do you need the new website. And what is a new website going to do for you? And think of ideas on how the website can improve your ability to do business better or improve your employees’ ability to do their job better.’

As an achiever and relator, Krystal’s passion for our clients and work goes above and beyond. ‘Every day I try to seize the day and seize the moment with every project I work on and every client I work with and even in working with my team members to make sure that we’re delivering the best work possible.’

Krystal’s favorite quote is ‘Never stop learning’ – she just can’t get enough education! The more she learns about best practices in website development, the more she applies to each client project.

Get to know Krystal and her knack for learning, problem solving and tackling the complex by watching her video or visiting her bio page.

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