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Meet Leah

Get Personal with Leah, Expert Social Media Marketing Consultant 

Leah Van Rooy, our social media marketing consultant, loves the energy of life and Blue Door Consulting. And, her energy is contagious! Leah’s passion for her job, clients and industry come out every day in the effort she puts forth in her work. From learning a new skill to reviewing monthly analytics, Leah tackles each challenge head on.

‘The day is never the same’ says Leah. ‘It’s always changing, and that makes it go so fast. I think so many people that I talk to say how their days may drag at different jobs and I think, ‘Man, I have never had to experience that.”

That’s what Leah loves about her focus area, social media, too. She thrives on the task of learning a new tool and applying it to her client’s work to see real results. With strengths in developing new skills and discipline, Leah is a natural social media marketing consultant. Click to learn more about Leah and one of her bucket list items. (Hint: It involves the Beach Boys.)

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