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Meet Brenda

Get to know Brenda, co-founder of Blue Door Consulting and strategic marketing consultant

Brenda Haines, Blue Door Consulting co-owner and co-founder, leverages her wide-ranging expertise to provide strategic marketing services that help clients welcome what’s next. With strengths in strategy, inclusion and concept development, she’s an ace at helping clients identify their needs, then delivering solutions that help them reach their goals.

‘We are driven by the idea of seizing opportunities but doing it in a way that helps everyone grow together. I think that’s really what drives us,’ she says.

Brenda’s greatest pet-peeve is giving up, and one of her personal strengths is responsibility, so you can rest assured she and the entire team at Blue Door Consulting will follow through with integrity, every time.

With a background in journalism, an insatiable curiosity and a seemingly endless well of creativity, the transition to providing innovative strategic marketing services was a natural fit for Brenda. But if that hadn’t worked out, she says she might have been POTUS or a country singer. We’re confident she would have earned standing ‘O’ as either (or both!), but for now, helping clients earn accolades is enough for her.

Get to know Brenda better by clicking on the link above, and read more about her dedication to providing strategic marketing services to help clients realize success, in her bio.

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