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Meet Tavia

Get to know Tavia, lead graphic and web designer, with an eye for design and kerning

Kerning rules! At least according to lead graphic and web designer, Tavia Gavinski, it does. As Blue Door Consulting’s lead graphic and web designer, she knows that perfecting tiny details like the distance between font characters is what turns designs from good to gorgeous.

After 11 years with Blue Door Consulting, Tavia’s gift and passion continues to shine through every client design project she touches. Tavia takes a thoughtful approach to bring your vision to life, whether in print or in web.

As the manager of the design team, Tavia also knows that collaboration is another key in great design work, from the first project discussion to the final result. “Before anything is ever created, our project managers work with the client to get to the root of the issue or the challenge or the problem,” she said.

Through the brainstorming to the final design, Tavia relishes the back-and-forth discussion and collaboration. And she loves it when collaboration leads to the perfect finish. “The ultimate compliment is getting positive feedback from teammates and clients.”

As maximizer and developer, Tavia sees the potential and knows the sky is the limit when it comes to design. That’s why in another life she suspects she’d be a personal coach. “I think I’m the best at seeing the potential in others and helping them be the best that they can be. I like to see others succeed, so you’ll also find me cheering on others from the sidelines. The glass is half full in my book!”

Learn more about Tavia and her love of collaboration and kerning by watching her video, her Facebook Live, and visiting her bio page.

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