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What is Google Analytics 4?

With growing cross-device usage and interest in privacy, it’s no surprise Google has launched a new analytics version. The upgrade comes with major changes, and we’re big fans. In this one-minute marketing video, we explain the upgrade and benefits to your business.

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Buckle up. Google® has launched Google Analytics 4, or GA4; and it’s a complete overhaul of what we know today.  

While it might be a while before GA4 fully replaces the current analytics, Google recommends setting it up now, because your current website data won’t appear in GA4.  

Let’s unload three major benefits of Google Analytics 4.

You’ll be able to access predictive analytics—so you can get insights into the actions that lead to purchases or conversions.

No third-party cookies? No problem. With Google Analytics 4, you can still track user activity on your website.  

You can market to website visitors through different domains, devices and apps and track them all in one place throughout their buying journey.

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