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3 SMS Marketing Best Practices

Mobile usage is on the rise, but according to Zipwhip, 61% of companies surveyed do not use text messaging to communicate with customers. This marketing channel could be a buzz-builder for your business. 

SMS marketing provides an additional channel for you to engage with your customers. In fact, 74% of consumers said they respond to a text message from a business within an hour.

Our latest one-minute marketing video provides tips to create a successful SMS marketing campaign.

Press play below to view “3 SMS Marketing Best Practices.”

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If you like getting a text more than a phone call or an email, you’re not alone.

In fact, 77% of consumers said they use texting more than any other messaging tools.

With open rates as high as 98%, text message marketing ensures that customers read what you send.

Also known as SMS marketing, text message marketing can foster leads and lead to conversions.

Here are three SMS marketing best practices to keep in mind.

  • Give customers a reason to subscribe by offering discounts, event alerts and exclusive announcements.
  • Text frequently enough to stay top of mind, but not be annoying. Aim for two to four times a month.
  • Use an autoresponder to instantly send personalized, follow-up messages.

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