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Marketing Processes

Learning directs our process

We at Blue Door Consulting are continuous learners, whether it’s a new skill or learning about our clients’ core businesses. And, like those interlocking blocks from our childhood, we connect concepts and data sets to build our knowledge and apply it to executable plans each and every day. This is the root of our design thinking and marketing process that ultimately leads to change and drives positive results.

Learning directs our process

Three simple steps

Three simple steps

Our process is iterative—and is the same whether you are a startup, a small business or a large enterprise. It’s just three simple steps that repeat over and over.

  1. Listen and learn: We ask the right questions and listen to discover the root of your issue. We then learn from the plan’s implementation and its results, identifying ongoing areas for improvement.
  2. Plan: We develop the best approach to address the root cause of your issue.
  3. Act: We implement the plan with integrity.

We believe that identifying the root issue, developing a plan to address it, executing on that plan with integrity and ongoing measurement with adjustment is the key to success. Each plan developed is customized to fit your project and budget. That’s how we get you a valuable return on your investment.

Why Blue Door Consulting?

We are independent advisors

We don’t mark up third-party expenses, so you can rest assured that our recommendations are based on research and planning, not on kickbacks.

We are fair and equitable

All Blue Door Consulting team members are billed at the same rate. We know through experience that the next great idea is just as likely to come from the intern as from a co-founder. (And, that’s not a slam on the intern or the co-founders!)

We are team-oriented

You won’t reap the benefits of just one consultant or one set of knowledge. You get the team. From our open-concept workspace to regular collaboration sessions, we bring the right people to the right project.

We are direct, plain-spoken talkers

We avoid marketing jargonand any other jargon, for that matter. Whether you’re talking to a marketing consultant, graphic designer or web developer, we strive to explain things clearly so we can choose the right path to travel, together. This helps both of us achieve our goals, on time and on budget.

We are continuous learners

We soak up every opportunity to learnno matter if we’re working in a new industry, bringing ideas to the table, studying trends that affect your business or volunteering in the community. Our team members are provided countless learning opportunities each year, all with the goal of exposing ourselves to ideas and information that we can put to work for you.

If you’ve never met our co-founders or our team, you’ll quickly notice we aren’t your average marketing firm. Our process is obviously at the heart of our work, but there are other aspects that factor into the success of the change we are seeking to accomplish as your partner. Here are a few:

Get started with Blue Door Consulting

Get started with Blue Door Consulting

To get started, we offer prospective clients a free one-hour consultation. During this time, we ask questions about your project, determine whether we are a good cultural fit and ascertain whether we can bring value to the project. If we believe we are the right partner, we will develop a proposal. If not, we will be more than happy to refer you to another firm.

Our proposals typically outline our process and how it applies to your project, timelines and budget. Again, each is tailored specifically to your needs, goals and resources.

If you’d like a trusted partner to walk you through a solution to a business problem, call us. We’re ready to kick off our marketing process with you!