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Louis Vuitton goes domestic – who knew?

Jaimy SzymanskiIf you’re like me and have $3,000 lying around your apartment just waiting to be spent, you probably think the best investment would be a purse. Riiiiiight.

But, that’s just me – who, obviously, is not in Louis Vuitton’s main target audience. Japanese women however, are. And I mean really are. In fact, according to Advertising Age, the average Japanese woman owns three Louis Vuitton bags.

This utter domestication of Louis Vuitton bags overseas has sparked the Louis Vuitton brand to … (hold your breath, this is going to be big) … turn to mass marketing.

Once only meant for the highest branch of social classes, LV has switched gears from no marketing (if you don’t count their Website which is, by the way, nearly impossible to navigate) to TV advertising.

This is truly brand evolution at its greatest. Who would’ve known that Louis Vuitton would find it applicable to run television ads between the likes of light beer or prescription male enhancement supplements?

I will be curious to see the impact of such an obvious change in marketing strategy. Especially because I had assumed the majority of LV bag appeal came from the fact that the brand had maintained such a elitist position in the fashion market.


out of the blue April 11, 2008

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