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April 16, 2008

Online applications: The first step toward world domination

Jaimy SzymanskiAs I was perusing the latest and greatest applications to add to my Facebook® page, I got to thinking. I thought to myself, “Self, why doesn’t Blue Door capitalize on this oh-so-popular combination of self-promotion and actual utility?”

And the answer I came up with was probably because … well, because I couldn’t come up with any “wow how genius is that!” applications for Blue Door to create/sponsor/etc. But, I of course did come up with quite a few not-so-good options. (Talk about creativity, am I right?):

Grand idea #1 – A continuously updated RSS feed that streams in Heidi’s latest cliche gone wrong. Downside: Although this may be highly appreciated in-office, not so sure on its ability to amaze or increase credibility externally – may return to it in the future for mass-merchandising purposes, though. Check back.

Super grand idea #2 – A weekly recommended wine or mixer. Just think – each week (or day, depending on our mood, workload, or close-outs at the local Pick ‘n’ Save… or any combination of the three), you could have a BDC-recommended refreshing beverage posted on your page. Downside: Could backfire due to information overload; I fear participation would exceed intended uploading capacities.

Super amazing grand idea #3 – Finally, my personal favorite (and, one that may actually have an ounce of staying power): A daily dose of universally puzzling phenomenons that we all encounter on a daily basis. For example …

  • What does the AP Stylebook recommend I should eat for dinner?
  • Who made Australia a continent, anyway?
  • Where in the world is Carmen SanDiego?

Ah, the world of widgets. What would we do without them? I, for one, would spend far less time on social networking and the internet in general.

And, as always, I welcome any other thoughts, comments or suggestions.*

*Disclaimer: All other thoughts, comments and suggestions will not be welcomed regarding this post.