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It Will Bite You in the XYZ

out of the blue Heidi Strand May 23, 2008

Heidi Strand | BrandingIn a recent CNN article, LifeLock co-owner Todd Davis has recently become a walking PR nightmare. Whether or not his identify was ‘actually’ stolen is still up for debate, but it doesn’t change the fact that LifeLock’s marketing campaign is now likely defunct.

When LifeLock’s ads first appeared, I was somewhat incredulous that any company would draw a line in the sand so publicly. My thoughts immediately went to: what happens if his identity IS stolen … that would be really bad PR. And sure enough, the PR around the blogosphere is getting ugly. You can’t do a Google search without diggin’ the dish on LifeLock’s two owners.

I can’t and won’t make any judgements on LifeLock’s owners or their past histories, but I will on their marketing campaign. In one word: Risky. Never, ever, ever (did I mention ever?) make a claim that can bite you in the ass later on … because it will.