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A Smart Allocation of Resources

out of the blue July 30, 2008

Jaimy Szymanski | Marketing CampaignsAlthough I constantly suffer an internal battle between whether or not I should shop at Wal-mart(c), (don’t worry – I inserted the link in case any of you haven’t heard of Wal-mart…) I will say that an ad of theirs caught my eye yesterday.

The ad promotes a few of its products, one of which was new Hanes Her Way(c) “Wedgie-free” underwear.

(Okay, I understand that sentence alone may have caused mass panic amongst our male readers and perhaps unnecessarily hasty browser closings. I assure you, this has a point.)

When the Wal-mart(c) voice-over announcer got to the underwear portion of the ad, she proceeded to mimic Hanes‘(c) national advertising slogan and wording in its product explanation.

*Insert my overwhelming feeling of dejavue*

This caught my attention because I had just seen the Hanes(c) commercial (featuring Scrubs’ Sarah Chalke) and thought to myself “Wow Self, that’s an oddly open promotion of an obscure underwear feature.” Upon hearing the same copy reference in the Wal-mart(c) ad, I was forced to think again about the Hanes(c) product.

Brilliant I say, just brilliant.

Why would Wal-mart(c) go to the trouble of actually coming up with its own clever marketing means of bringing shoppers in, in search of specific products, when it can simply re-purpose another brand’s advertising efforts? Talk about a way to save time and money.

Seriously, I hate to admit it (because it’s Wal-mart(c), of course), but that’s pretty smart.

Side note: I now will force myself into thinking that this subliminal marketing connection was merely a bit of dumb luck on Wal-mart’s(c) behalf, and that no marketing director was intelligent enough to make the direct, intentional connection from the get-go.

Or, not.