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December 2, 2008


Jaimy Szymanski | Social MediaYesterday I tweeted a short, to-the-point, semi-humorous (on my own accord, of course) tweet regarding the state of Lycos.

I thought the company fell off the face of the earth; hadn’t heard anything about them since, well, that commercial where the dog fetches the boxers for the Scottish bagpiper. (“Lycos … go get it!”)

My Twitter tweet: What ever happened to Lycos?

Suprisingly enough, this morning I received a direct response (@) tweet to me from a woman named Kathy O’Reilly. It read: Lycos U.S. is still going strong with 60+ million users worldwide, check it out

Well, imagine that. Kathy is a rep for Lycos, saw my comment while mining the Twitter stream and …. TWAMBUSH! Well, not really, more like great two-way communication and phenomenal PR. But, I like the word Twambush better. More punch to it.

So, Kathy O’Reilly, I tip my hat to you. Well, my metaphorical hat at least – I look terrible in hats. I was very impressed by the swift reply I got, even though I wasn’t really searching for an answer.

Looks like it’s time to set up some in-depth Twitter mining myself. Proves quite fruitful if you ask me.