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More Hulu … Most Definitely

A recent article posted by highlights the recent rise of this blogger’s favorite online pastime …

Heidi StrandIn my last post, I bemoaned and contemplated the notion that might become a paid service. Call it fortuitous then, that this morning I found an interesting e-mail in my inbox from

In’s daily e-news was an article speaking to Hulu’s rise and the overall increase in online video viewership. The stats (which were not cited, so bear that in mind) were interesting and I thought I’d share them with you.

  • Hulu delivered a record 856 million video views for the month of October.
  • Research shows that more than 84% of the total US online audience is currently watching online video clips.
  • Google delivered just over 10.5 billion video views to the 167 million consumers now watching video clips online. That is a 37% share compared to Hulu’s 3% share.
  • In October consumers watched an average of 83 clips each, spending just over 10 hours with online video.
  • The average clip is still less than four minutes in length.

With viewership nearing 1 billion, may not mind losing some of its viewers if it adopts a subscription business model and competes head-on with the cable companies. The potential revenue could be enormous.

That being said … I still will cry and rant and debate about my true need to watch House.


out of the blue Heidi Strand December 1, 2009

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